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Flexible Duct

“Havakaran Tehran Noavar” company started its work in 2004 with manufacturing products such as galvanized joints, galvanized ducts, exhausting fan systems, air regulation valves with ultra-high quality and besides that importing types of flexible ducts, clamps and locks from China and Turkey. Thence this company’s strategy was based on country’s satiety of import and supporting national products, eventually by full-time effort and deploying technical knowledge and modern technology, “Havakaran” group succeeded in producing many types of flexible ducts and their accessories in Iran; which presently supplies in the market by “Flexible Duct” commercial brand. Nonce the company is honored for being the first producer of flexible ducts that are compatible with foreign products. It should be noted that all of the company’s products have ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 from Switzerland. Cumby flexible duct, Aluminum flexible hose or Foil flexible hose, flexible duct insulated by IFD compressed polyester, Tarpaulin flexible hose, flexible hose insulated by Elastomer and Aluminum cover, Fireproof tarpaulin flexible duct, flexible duct insulated by Elastomer and PVC cover, PVC flexible duct convenient for pharmacology, Portable mineral tarpaulin flexible duct, Flexible duct insulated by Elastomer and fireproof cover, Flexible duct insulated by polyester, Tarpaulin connector or shiver curb, Special clamp and lock for flexible hose, Flexible duct insulated by PL compressed polyester, duct insulated by polyethylene, tarpaulin flexible duct. Flexible duct is the best option for channeling duct split systems for air sweep. Ease of channeling execution and great useful life are advantages of this type of air ducts. Also tarpaulin ducts are used for channeling exhaust fan systems.
Since the insulation of galvanized ducts during the channeling is too difficult, therefore flexible ducts are used in industrial and structural channeling.


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