Elastomeric Insulation Flexible Duct

Tehran Havakaran Noavar Company is the first and only producer of flexible duct, competitive with imported samples in Iran, which offers its products in the market under the Flexible Duct brand. All flexible duct products have ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 from Switzerland. Flexible ducts with elastomeric insulation are one of the best examples of flexible insulated ducts that the Tehran Havakaran Noavar Company produces this product in different models and offers the highest quality in the market (flexible ducts with elastomeric insulation and fiberglass coating, Flexible duct with elastomeric insulation and PVC coating, flexible duct with elastomeric insulation and aluminum coating)

Elastomeric insulation is one of the closed-cell flexible cellular materials. EPDM rubber is an elastomeric rubber and has wide applications. EPDM rubbers usually provide very good thermal resistance, and Tehran Havakaran Noavar also uses this type of insulation. Closed cell insulation materials show excellent properties against the passage of water vapor, so that no vapor barrier is needed after installation. Although elastomeric insulators are more expensive than glass wool or pie ester, they are very economical for low temperature applications due to the lack of double coating.

Comparison between NBR and EPDM:
The difference between the specifications of NBR and EPDM has always been discussed by experts, but the truth is that many of the specifications of NBR and EPDM are completely similar to each other and have very minor differences. It can be said that EPDM may be used in some very special cases. It is slightly better than NBR, but it should be noted that the production of EPDM is very difficult and the biggest insulation manufacturers do not make EPDM with 100% purity because it is not economical in general.

Hawakaran Tehran Noavar company has been trying to supply the best product to the market by using the best raw materials. The price of flexible ducts with elastomeric insulation of Tehran Noavar company is quite competitive compared to other examples.

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