Pre-insulated air transfer ducts

Today, pre-insulated ducts are used in air transmission systems in most large projects around the world, and air conditioning consultants recommend this product as a suitable alternative to traditional galvanized ducts in the project, considering the importance of transmission systems. Air in the building as the vital artery of air conditioning systems, in this article we are going to examine the temporary reasons of this product, the ambiguities that are sometimes raised and the criteria that are needed to determine its quality separately.

Why pre-insulated duct?

This type of duct is a new product compared to galvanized ducts, however, this product is found in the place of attention in the galvanizing industry, from which the following items can be mentioned.


Insulation is the main method to prevent energy loss in the air transmission duct in pre-insulated ducts made of compressed polyester, elastomeric insulation, polyester wool, which is free of any HCFC, CFC and toxic and environmentally friendly substances. It has been used that very low heat transfer coefficient, uniform insulation coverage on the entire surface of the duct, resistance to moisture and water vapor, and use in a wide range of very high temperatures, are some of the unique features of this material.

Indoor air quality

The air transmission path must be free from any pollution, the aluminum coating and the quality of the special adhesives used in the pre-insulated ducts create the optimal air inside the duct and it is a suitable product for use in the clean room of hospitals and laboratories.

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