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The tarpaulin connector or tarpaulin connection is actually a type of strip connection, which has high flexibility and prevents energy loss, and because of this property, it is widely used in the air conditioning industry. It should be mentioned that the tarpaulin connector or tarpaulin connection Tarpaulin prevents the vibration of devices (split duct, air conditioner, fan coil, etc.) and inappropriate vibration and sound transmission to the surroundings in the best possible way. On the one hand, a device is connected to the beginning of the entrance of the duct, in the ducting, to guide the air, and on the other hand, along with a galvanized belt, it is connected to the entrance of ventilation devices (fan coil, split duct, etc.). In places where the tarpaulin connector is used, the installation method of the tarpaulin connector or duct shock absorber must be done in a standard way, because if this tarpaulin connection is not implemented properly, it will cause a lot of energy loss. The tarpaulin connector or the product tarpaulin connection Havakaran Tehran Noavar Company It is known that the commercial brand Flexible Duct is offered in the market. The tarpaulin connector produced by Havakaran Tehran Noavar Company has ISO and standards 9001, 14001 and 18001. Flexible Duct tarpaulin connector in sizes: 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm , 45cm, 50cm standard length of 25 meters can be supplied in reputable stores.

The tarpaulin connector or vibration or channel shock absorber has a good position and strength at high pressures. Due to its high flexibility and strength, the tarpaulin connector has the lowest amount of scattering during installation and execution, and therefore it is welcomed by the manufacturers of the systems.

Havakaran Tehran Noavar Company It is proud to be the first and only producer of tarpaulin connectors or duct shock absorbers in Iran. The production method of tarpaulin connectors or duct shock absorbers is that this product consists of two galvanized or steel sheets that are placed on both sides of the tarpaulin connector. The galvanized sheet or steel are connected to each other in a uniform and continuous manner, and this has increased the strength of this product, and this high strength is in eliminating the vibration of air conditioning devices.

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