What are flexible channels?

Flexible ducting is a type of ducting that provides more flexibility for placement in narrow and confined spaces than rigid spiral or rectangular ducting. Due to the ease of installation, flexibility and relatively low cost, contractors often choose this system. Very easy to change the size (short or long), high flexibility and available in different sizes, the flexible channel is suitable for all types of air conditioning systems.
Flexible ducting can be found not only in industrial ventilation systems, but also in offices or even in small domestic ventilation systems.
Flexible chimney pipe
To distribute warm air from the fireplace, the flexible duct must withstand high temperature operating conditions. Havakaran Tehran Noavar Company offers insulated chimney pipes that are heat resistant up to +250 degrees Celsius.
Flexible insulation channel
Flexible ducting with thermal and sound insulation is used as a connector to connect the main duct line to the plenum box, thus preventing the release of air to reduce the temperature while acting as a silencer.

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